Notetech warehouse management solution is the synonym of solution, which provides you the key of control of your warehouse management. The services that Notetech warehouse is providing to warehouse management are amazingly beneficial, irrespective of whether you run a single warehouse or a big chain of warehouses with lots of nodal warehouses across the globe.

Because Notetech warehouse with its huge database and sophisticated technology enables the integration of all process that matters of a perfect warehouse management.

Notetech warehouse, a fully Web based application, which helps to maintain the operations of a single or multiple warehouses located in different locations anywhere in the world.

Fully web based
Centralized database
Remote access
Global access
Customized access (top officials)
Lacking client software
Less labor requirement
  Notetech warehouse - the glitz spots
  Special remote access
  The CEO or the top executive can access day-to-day data of business operations in live from anywhere, anytime (24x7) in the world and can stay stress free though you are on abroad or at airport or away from the spot.
  No client software required
  As it is a web based WMS, people can do data entry by using IE from anywhere in the world. So for accessing Notetech WMS a P.C with Internet connection is enough i.e. no need to install a particular software for accessing Notetech WMS.
  Centralized maintenance of server
  As ‘Notetech warehouse’ is a web-based application the server is to be maintained only in a centralized location. And can connect to any location in the world through Internet.
  Demand minimum labor
  The Application is needed to be maintained only in the main office. So that only a single IT person is required to maintain the application even if you have 100’s of warehouses
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