Notetech warehouse provides special features to the top officials in warehouse management system. That is CEO like top officials gets special alerts, information in live through the cutting edge technology on which Notetech warehouse turns.

Only some permitted IPs can access the application. So for getting the special access to special peoples, simply add the IP of the accesing device to the permitted IP list or giving the access key in the concerned field for entering application if you are accessing the Internet from a dial up facility. Thus you can access the live information without the help of an IT person in the office or any person designed for the job. So Notetech warehouse gives complete control on the routine happenings in your business, even though you are on business visits abroad or waiting at airport or away from the spot of the event.
Special access to top officials
 WR Alerts to CEO
‘My client’ space to all staff
‘My client’ alerts to staff
Alerts to status change
Global access
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Special Access
CEO of your warehouse management or the top executive can access day-to-day data of business operations in live from anywhere, anytime (24x7) in the world without the help of IT person in the office or any person designed for the job. Only thing you have to do is provide the access key in the specific field if you are accessing the application through a dial up connection with your Laptop or add the ip of the access device (lap top /desk top) to the permitted IP list in database.
My client space
Each warehouse staff have specific space in database for keeping their’ my client’s details. The details of each client such as dealing history, staus change of goods such details will keep in database in proper order and security.
WR indicators
The CEO will be get informed by automatedly generating Warehouse receipt indicators on every new Warehouse receipt.
My client’s alerts
If a particular staff’s client’s (my client) goods reach at the warehouse, an alert e-mail automatedly sends to the concerned staff and the client.
Special alerts
Special alerts to CEO like executive persons to alert with all events in business. And get informed with all the changes in the status change of each dealings or shipments.
Alerts on status change
Each staff and their ‘my clients’ will get informed with alerts on all changes in the status of the goods of ‘my client’ of the particular staff.
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