Note the power of technology that makes you at ease.


The crisis and cases you confront in your warehouse services may unpredictable. You meet from cliché problems to strange and complicated ones in the modus operandi of your warehouse fulfillment chain.

You are a businessman, so you may have to travel lots to meet your requirements. You may in stress on the harmonious flow of your office process problems. Then how u can be in touch with the happenings in the routines of your office? How you can ensure the control on the actions of your staff and clients? How you can do your office routines and appointments when you are away from your office?

How you can recognize a problem happened in your business chain? How you can trace the status of your shipment you have send? Have any facility to get informed with an exceptional event that may be able to collapse your business. Is the admin can easily handles the information of your 100s of warehouses? Do your staff and clients fed up with redundant data entry? Have you assure maximum security to your clients? Can you make your client independent by offering self-serving features through your site?


As Notetech warehouse is a web-based application, you can access it from where ever in the world. Thus help you to keep in touch with all the events in your business. And provide information irrespective of wherever and whenever you are. Notetech warehouse make your traveling light and stress free by providing the access key in the specific field if you are accessing the application remotely. You can easily restrict, assign and control the actions of your staff, clients and be stress free though you are away from office, you can manage your business from airport, abroad or at home through your Laptop.

Notetech warehouse’s instant alarming system helps you to be in touch with all the events. Notetech warehouse automated event monitoring system monitor and observes all the events in your business and helps you by giving alerts / alarms to events and exceptions in your business flow, such as budget exceeding, incompletion of work in the assigned time etc. Special alerts to CEO and such top officials tightened the sense of security.

By offering lots of self-serving features through custom web interface make your clients independent. The self-serving features like live status tracking of their shipment, downloading bills, quotes, dues, price estimation, paying and lots more. Make the data entry minimum by offering templates, defaults, fetching, look up tables, auto fill options, etc.


Notetech warehouse makes you the ultimate boss of your business by making your staff at ease and thus leads to enhance the productivity of your staffs. Reduce manual effort and manual error. Through root level automation reduce the time for each process and enhance the utility of the man-hours in your business. Web based features enhances mobility and assure the accessibility at anywhere and at anytime.

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