Design and architecture of Notetch warehouse always prefer to root level automation and thus converting the whole warehouse management process to the phenomenon which requires minimum labour effort.

Notetech warehouse requires to be maintained only in a single location. So only one person is required for maintenance. As ‘Notetech warehouse‘ is web-based application, the solution helps your business to reach at global level serving. As Notetech warehouse designs for single, mid sized or huge multi warehouse management, so though you have 100s of warehouses, the single software can manages all that matters to multi warehouse.
Centralized maintenance
Global control
Fully web based
Root level automations
Exclusive facilities
Easy maintenance
Less Labour demand
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Easy maintenance
Notetech warehouse require to be maintained only in the main office. So a single IT person is required to maintain the whole application even if you have 100’s of warehouses.
Root level automation
Automatedly generating values, automated conversions of measures, auto fetching of details from base entries to modules. Automated Validation of entries automated receipt and labels, automated status updating, automated Track and trace and lots more.
Get global consumers to your service
As ‘Notetech warehouse ‘ is web-based multi warehouse management software, the solution helps your business to reach at global level.
Fully web based application
As ‘Notetech warehouse’ is a web-based application the server is to be maintained only in a centralized location. And can connect to any location in the world through Internet.
Multi warehouse management
As Notetech is multi warehouse management software, the single software manages 100s of warehouse in different locations (countries) with extreme perfection and Excellency.
Demands minimum Labour
There is no experienced IT person requirement for running this application. Anyone can manages Notetech warehouse with its simple procedures.
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