Web based

Notetech warehouse is fully web based so can access from anywhere on the globe through Internet explorer.

 Centralized maintenance

As it is web-based application, only centralized maintenance of the database is sufficient and can get connected to any location from it.

 No client software required

As it is web based, can access it by using Internet explorer, so no extra client software is required for accessing the application.

 Global accessibility

As it is web based you can access it from anywhere in the world through IE, only thing you have to do is just add the IP of the accessing device to the permitted IP list in database or provide access key in the concerned field if you are remotely accessing the application.

 Specified alerts

Specific alerts to top officials (CEO), staff and clients. CEO gets alerts on generation of each warehouse receipt. Like wise staffs get informed with automated alerts on the reach of their ‘my client’s goods and simultaneously get these alert e mail to the particular client too.

 Multi-layer security

Provide optimum level security by session security (session identifier), server security (ip restrictions), user authentication security (user name & password) and security firewalls.

 Customized development

Develop anything for your warehouse with in your time and budget. The flexible design of Notetech warehouse supports the tailoring any facilities.

 Custom web interface

 Customized development for providing Web interface for your clients for status tracking of their shipments, online receipts, on line alerts, reports, such a lots of self-serving features to your clients

 Online facilities

Online facilities such as online tracking, online alerts, website interface for interaction and such online facilities can easily tailor with Notetech warehouse management solution.

 Fully automated

Root level automation from micro to macro level process in warehouse management.

 Privileges to authority

Special alerts and access to authorities. Automated alerts to CEO on the generation of every warehouse receipt. And offers special remote live access of information to executive level persons adding the IP of their Laptop to the permitted IP list in database or providing accessing key when accessing internet by a dial up facility. It helps to manage your business though you are away from events’ spot.

 Labor control

Total control on Labor actions. Results maximum accuracy in shipping, packing, billing and delivery.

 Integrated application

IAll integral process in warehousing is interlinked. So can easily advance to any process in warehouse without any friction.

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