As you to your business security, Notetech warehouse technology works for its execution. Notetech architecture always prefer to root level security. The software comprises with the special multi-layer security features and optional IP address based restrictions, enables data entry only from the company’s computers or from the authorized IPs only. So your database gets optimum level of security, though your password and username leaked out. Notetech warehouse provides multilayer security, i.e. database security, user authentication security, and security-assuring firewalls.

IP address check is also done as one of the security features. So even if username & password is leaked there is no possibility to enter frauds to the application. The user can Login only from the company permitted accessing devices due to IP restrictions.
Multi layer security
Time bound access
Live Event monitoring
Live status indication
Multi channel alerts
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  Server Security
  The web server should be configured to allow IPs and Protected with security firewalls. So the particular IP only be permitted to access that database server. If the IP of the access device (Desktop or Laptop) is included in the permitted IP list, provide access key for entering the application if you accessing the application remotely.
  User authentication Security
  Authentication security governs the barrier for clearing the right to access of the user. Users have to be valid to identification before access is granted.
  Firewall Security
  Notetech warehouse is protected with multi layers of security like Network layer firewalls. Application layer firewalls and application firewalls.
  Event alerts
  Stay in touch with schedules though you are on move, by alert email, news, and messages at your fingertips. Alerts to indicate status change of shipments, help risk managers and detect fraud.
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